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Learn simple, doable activities and practices to create more peace in your nervous system, heart and home.

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Hello, I'm Amanda Walker- a Life Coach for Parents with Uniquely Wired Kids.   

I've dedicated my life to reduce the frustration, fear and fight that seems to ride along side us on life's journey raising out of the box kids.

I believe that parenting these amazing kids is an absolute honor and privilege. 

I believe our children have come to our families for a deep purpose.

This means that you are the perfect parent to help them grow into their potential. 

You have the wisdom and understanding inside you.  

As a life coach I show you how to tap into that wisdom and create the harmony, hope and happiness you deeply desire and want for your children.

I show you how simple it is to work through any challenge and come through it with more grace and influence as a parent.

It's time My Friend.  Be the NEXT Success Story!  I've got you.

Talk with me ❤️